4.0 Winners

GOLD...Dave Hogan/ Al Liebman

SILVER...Georgie Scott/Matt Batdorf

BRONZE...Mel Hatton/Kathy Trench                

 3.5 Winners     

GOLD...Kyle/Robin Ostby

SILVER... Patty/Todd Anderson

BRONZE... Fran Liebman/Cherie Allbaugh

3.0 Winners               

GOLD...Jesse Liebman/Jean Liebman Dahlquist

SILVER... Kathy King/ Chris Elko

BRONZE...Jim Cox/Dick Foidel

2.5 Winners

GOLD...Jerry Werner/Steve Pease

SILVER...Cathy Hall/Sandy Kingston

BRONZE...Lori Andrews/Marilyn McNulty

Contratulations to all!!!

International Pickleball Teacher Profession Association (IPTPA)

Diane Baumgartner recently taught the International Pickleball Teacher Profession Association (IPTPA) Certification to five (5) Eagle Crest Pickleball Club (ECPC) members. Participants who complete the workshop to IPTPA standards will be awarded an IPTPA Level I Certificate of Completion and given the designation Certified Pickleball Instructor (CPI). All certified pickleball instructors are certified to introduce pickleball to new players and teach 0.0 through 3.5 level players.

The following ECPC members met the IPTPA standards to qualify as Certified Pickleball Instructors through IPTPA; Tim Miller, Ed Mouery, Michael Reeves, Grace Windsheimer and Bonnie Worthington.

Summer Dinkathon 2018, members only

Our Annual Summer/Fall Round Robin Members Only Dinkathon has been scheduled for Wednesday, September 5, 2018 at the Lakeside Outdoor Courts.  Celebrate summer and join us for a day filled with pickleball, friends, food and great music by our very own member John Batdorf.  

Not a member, but want to play in the Dinkathon, join today and you are good to go. See About Eagle Crest Pickleball for registration form.

The definition of a Dinkathon:  start the game at the kitchen line and play the dinking game. When one team reaches a score of 6, you continue play using the full court until a team reaches 11 and wins the game.  There is one exception for the 3.5 and above players: the 3rd shot is required. Ex: The ball is served, and then opposing team returns the ball, followed by the serving team who must get their 3rd shot in the non-volley zone (also known as the kitchen). 


New Membership list and official ratings posted

In Members Only, using your membership password, you will find the new membership list. This list has the current official ratings for 23 members of the club. If you have had an official rating done, please contact the club officer and see what you need to do to get your rating listed on the membership list.

We now have over 160 members in Eagle Crest Pickleball Club (ECPC). If you are interested in joining  see the Membership form under About ECPC.

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Windscreen repairs at Lakeside Courts

About 10 pickleball players pitched in Thursday to help repair the windscreens around Eagle Crest's Lakeside courts. The screens had been damaged by recent winds.  Repairs were organized by Ed Mouery and Richard Gray. Those pitching in included Jim Cox and Brad Richards (image attached). Thanks to all who volunteered to help out!

Dave Hogan

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Summer EC Activity Schedule

The activity schedule has changed for the summer. It is linked her and is under About EC Pickleball Club on this website. 

The reason for the changes in Intermediate and Advanced play time for the summer is the resort felt most of you would be playing outside at the Lakeside Courts.  The previous times are now available for reservations, so if you have a group that was playing on that day and time, reserve it for your group.

This fall we should be back to the regular schedule. If you have questions please contact ECPC Board members.


Paddle Review by Georgie

Attention: To all Pickleball players,
It gives me great pleasure to review the Selkirk OMNI AMPED lightweight Pickleball paddle I am a 4.0, 68-year-old female player who has played Pickleball for approximately 4 years. I have won tournaments in the past but feel my game has stagnated somewhat. I have used this Selkirk paddle for the past week and have found the following improvements in my game.
I am used to holding my Pickleball paddle with an extended second digit. I prefer the Selkirk Short handle as I seem to get more control of the paddle face. With the longer length of the paddle, I do feel that I am able to reach on occasion those returns that would previously been “ out of reach “. The narrow width does not seem to impede hitting the “sweet spot”. The light weight makes moving the paddle more quickly for the fast net rally. The grip is comfortable and the paddle feels like an extension of my wrist and arm. I have not suffered from any increase pain or tenderness in my wrist, elbow or shoulder using this paddle.
The wider core of the paddle allows my strokes from the baseline to have good power and yet if I get under the ball at the kitchen line with this paddle, I can dink till the cows come home. My accuracy in placing the ball has improved. None of these benefits transfer if using my old racket.
I was very skeptical at first of using this odd shaped paddle. I have used the same brand of Pickleball paddle for the past three years. I want to thank Pickleball Central for giving me the chance to trial use this paddle.  I would not have discovered the benefits of this new brand of paddle for me. I highly recommend others who may feel their game has stagnated to give this paddle a try. I will be using this paddle in the up coming Oregon Senior games. I am happy to loan this paddle for use but I may selfishly wait to do so until after the Senior games.
If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me through our Eagle Crest Pickleball club web site.
Thanks again, paddles up
Cheers, Georgie Scott

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